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Nicotine Vaporizers: Portable and Handheld

Are you wondering about the difference between ecigs and pocket vaporizers? Just like the electronic cigarette, personal nicotine vaporizers use an atomizer to heat and vaporize liquid held in a refillable tank, providing smokers and former smokers more control over their smoking experience. These handheld vaporizers create more smoke volume and boast a longer battery life than ecigarettes. And while they sound similar, vaping actually preceded the electronic cigarette.

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Portable Pocket Handheld Oil Vaporizer K101 Portable Handheld Oil Vaporizer X6 Portable Handheld Oil Vaporizer
eGo C-Twist Variable Voltage Vaporizer Vapormax Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen V2 Platinum E-Liquid
Niquid E-Liquid Holy Grail Elixir E-Juice Ballistic Vape E-Juice
Niquid E-Liquid
Price: $9.95
Holy Grail Elixir
Price: $11.99
Ballistic Vape
Price: $11.99
Hemp Honey CBD E Juice Ben Jonsons E-Juice Vintage E-Liquids
Vintage E-Liquids
Price: $13.95
PAX 2 Vaporizer JUUL Vaporizer JUUL Pods
PAX 2 Vaporizer
Price: $279.99
JUUL Vaporizer
Price: $49.99
Price: $15.99
eluv portable vaporizer Electronic Pipe Smoke Magneto Vaporizer
Slim eLuv Vaporizer
Price: $29.95
Electronic Pipe
Price: $99.95
GS-H2 Atomzier KTS Mechanical Mod Vaporizer X6 V2 Atomizer
GS-H2 Atomzier
Price: $7.00
X6 V2 Atomizer
Price: $15.00
X10 Atomizer CE4 Atomizer GS-H3 Atomizer
X10 Atomizer
Price: $14.00
CE4 Atomizer
Price: $5.00
GS-H3 Atomzier
Price: $5.00
SJL Dry Herb Glass Atomizer T8 LED Atomizer Kanger Pro Tank 2 Atomzier
T8 LED Atomizer
Price: $5.00
EGO GS-H2 Vaporizer Blister Kit Joyetech eVic K500 ERoll E-Cigarette
Joyetech eVic
Price: $99.95

Nicotine Vaporizers: Ultimate portability

Vaping has come a long way since it was invented, and handheld and portable vaporizers are now affordable and accessible. The word "portable" gets thrown around often, and what one person might consider portable is a burden to another. Rest assured, portable vaporizers are actually that. Portable. Pocket nicotine vaporizers actually fit in your pocket. It may seem obvious to some, but being able to simply drop your vaper in your pocket and go is a nice convenience. For anyone using vaping to stop smoking by vaping e-liquid or essential oils, the ability to take this handy device with you anywhere is a big bonus.

Handheld Nicotine Vaporizers: How they work

As you consider your different options on your way to identifying the best portable vaporizer, you should understand how vaporizers are constructed. Made of three parts, pocket vaporizers have a mouthpiece, a refillable tank, and an atomizer. You can put the E-Liquid or Essential oil of your choice in the tank. These liquids come in a variety of flavors, allowing you to vape an unbelievable variety of tastes and find one that fits your palate. The liquid or oil is heated and vaporized in the atomizer, then inhaled through the mouthpiece. This may all sound complicated, but this entire device fits in the palm of your hand, or as we mentioned above, your pocket.

Pocket Vaporizers: Smoker's Alternative

Being able to choose your E-Liquid not only lets you choose different flavors and taste experiences, but it also lets you customize and choose the amount of nicotine you vape. For example, a heavy smoker who's switching to vaping might start out with a medium concentration of nicotine in their E-Liquid, like what they're used to in an actual cigarette. By gradually using lower and lower concentrations of nicotine, they smoker can wean themselves off the need to smoke. If the smoker doesn't want to give up the experience, there are even E-Liquids with zero nicotine. Using one of these liquids in the handheld vaporizer lets the former smoker enjoy the taste and the experience without inhaling any nicotine.

Vaporizers offer a World of Flavors

Once you start looking into the world of personal nicotine vaporizers, you'll be amazed at the variety and breadth of flavors available. These aren't just varieties of tobacco flavorings either, E-Liquids are available with fruit, dessert, and even spice flavorings. But, don't think you have to necessarily pick one. While a dessert flavoring might be a nice break, you probably wouldn't choose to make that your all day vaping choice. That's the nice part about the refillable tank. You can choose your flavor and mix and match until you find one you love.

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