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Salty Man Vape JuiceSalty Man Vape Juice

Try Out the Salty Man Vapor line.

Salty Man may not sound like a delicious brand of e-juice, but don’t judge a juice by its name. It’s actually a line of full of fruity flavors. It uses nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine. Using salt makes it more powerful and can curb cravings longer.

About Salty Man

Salty Man is a Solace nic salt juice line. Solace is known for its quality juices at reasonable prices. The company also has a focus on getting cigarette smokers to start vaping. By using nicotine salt instead of regular nicotine, former cigarette smokers can feel a similar high with vaping as they did with smoking.

The Difference Between Nicotine and Nicotine Salt

Conventional nicotine is taken from tobacco plants. It’s processed so that any impurities are stripped away, leaving pure nicotine, which is stronger, more potent, and more addictive.

Pure nicotine is what is in most e-juices and cigarette quitting tools like patches, gums, and sprays.

This type of nicotine can also be known as “freebase.” Freebase is a chemistry term that means a chemical has turned from a salt into a base.

Freebase nicotine has a PH level of around seven or eight. The higher the level, the more pain one feels. PH is what makes some people cough hard after they have a drag.

Nicotine salts are made of the same kind of nicotine that’s found within a tobacco leaf before it’s processed. Nic salts are usually mixed with benzoic or citric acid, reducing its PH level, meaning less irritation.

It also absorbs into your blood faster, mimicking a cigarette, making it easier to move from cigarettes to e-cigs. People find that juice that uses nic salt is stronger and therefore, more satisfying.

Salty Man Vape E-Juice Flavors

While there is a mix of sweet and sour in these flavors, there’s no actually salt flavoring. Salty in Salty Man refers to the use of nic salts. The flavors are fruity and fun, and they actually taste good.

Blue’s Lemonade

A sweet mix of blue raspberry and lemonade. It’s a quality fusion of vibrant fruit flavor and nicotine salts.

Seedless Watermelon

Sweet and tasty watermelon.

Marshmellow Crispy

Sweet and sugary marshmallow with a crisp edge. It tastes like a rice crispy treat!

Kacti Kooler

A juice that features a mix of orange and pineapple soda taste.

Juiced Apple

A refreshing combo of succulent apple and fruity aftertaste. It was formally known as Juice Box.


While it might not be evident at first, Chew is a strawberry watermelon bubblegum flavored e-juice. No chewing is necessary with this e-juice. You’ll be able to make clouds without the clouds becoming fog.

Kool Peach

Featuring peach as the main flavor, but using other fruit flavors as well, this e-juice will create a fruit punch taste that has a chilled koolada aftertaste.

Pink Milk

Tasting like strawberry milk from your childhood, this e-juice is sweet and creamy.

7 Pound Up Cake

Using a famous southern desert as inspiration, this e-juice is citrusy and buttery. It actually tastes like cake. It has a fifty/fifty VG/PG ratio, creating flavorful plumes that aren’t overwhelming.

Purple Reign

A splash of purple nostalgia.


Tasting like a childhood favorite cereal, it’s a fresh fruit flavor.

Juiced Apple Ice

Juiced Apple flavoring with the crispness of ice. Formally known as Juice Box Ice.


Sweet and tart raspberry mixed with blackberries.

Fruit Blast Ice

A combination of fruit punch and menthol.

Fruit Cocktail

Apple filled fruit medley.

Blue’s Mango

Savory mango with blue raspberry.

Salty Man Ingredients

Each Salty Man e-juice share the same ingredients, and it’s time to break them down. There are already familiar ingredients like nicotine and natural and artificial flavors in them.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid made of soybean, coconut, or palm oils.

It can also be known as glycerol.

It has no odor and a sweet taste. The consistency is like that of glue, semi-fluid, semi-solid.

It’s made by heating triglyceride-rich vegetable fats, like from the soybean, coconut, and palm mentioned above, either under pressure or together with a strong alkali. This process makes the glycerin split away from the fatty acids and into the glue-like liquid.

When mixed in with food, or in this case flavors, it helps sweeten the final product. It’s thought to help with skin health and boost hydration. Though if ingested, it can cause headaches, nausea, thirst, and upset stomach.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a food additive. While US food authorities have said it’s safe for food, some people are hesitant because it’s also an ingredient in antifreeze.

Propylene Glycol is a food additive in the same chemical group as alcohol. It’s colorless, odorless, and bit thicker than water. It’s very similar to vegetable glycerin.

It’s used as an anti-caking agent, antioxidant, carrier, dough strengthener, emulsifier, moisture preserver, processing aid, stabilizer and thickener, and a texturizer. It’s also used in some medications.

Is it dangerous? Only in large doses. Much larger than you would ever get in an e-cigarette. Though if a person has kidney or liver disease, they should be much more cautious about how much they ingest. Most of propylene glycol is broken down through the kidney and liver, so if they are impaired, that could lead to problems.

Salty Man E-Juice Reviews

Reviews celebrate the focus of quality materials that won’t ruin vaping devices. Of course, the flavors of Salty Man are not far behind with praise. One particular reviewer is like a kid in a candy shop, explaining how each flavor tastes going in and out.

The top three positives of Salty Man are the quality, the flavors, and the price.

How Do I Start with Salty Man E-Juice?

It may seem overwhelming to go from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. It’s suggested that former smokers use a fifty MG nicotine strength Salty Man Juice. For the same flavor, use Bold Tobacco, or Mint if you prefer menthol.

Do not ever use Solace Salts in a SUB-OHM device. It will make people sick. They are designed for small, low wattage devices.

It’s Sweet Despite Its Name

While Salty Man vapor might not sound appetizing at first, it’s full of fun and fruity flavors. They are perfect for pod vapes and offer more nicotine without the irritation. It’s useful for those who are trying to quit smoking because of the higher nicotine levels.

If any former smokers doubt this will give them the same kick as a cigarette, letting them know about nic salt will make all the difference. Plus, Solace uses the best ingredients, so the nicotine nor the flavor are watered down.