If you've ever tried to quit smoking, you're not alone. Almost every smoker has discovered just how hard it can be to throw away a full pack of cigarettes. Smokers all over the world have pushed their resolutions back another day, promised themselves they'll quit tomorrow. Even now, there are millions of people sneaking off to smoke by themselves. And while you may feel like you're the only one, you're not alone.

You're not the only smoker that's failed in your attempts to quit. Thankfully, there's a solution in e Cigs.

What's an e-Cig?

We're glad you asked, because we've heard this question before. An e Cig is almost exactly what the name says it is, an electronic cigarette. We say almost because e Cigs don't have many of the negatives associated with traditional cigarettes and smoking in general. How is that possible? Because instead of burning tobacco, you're inhaling vaporized liquid.

An e-Cig uses an electronic burner that vaporizes a liquid within the flavor cartridge to give you the experience of smoking, the feeling you're used to, but without the smell and so many other negatives most smokers deal with every day. In fact, many smokers who try e Cigs claim they're just like smoking the real thing. Of course, that's minus the smell and the standing outside in the cold.

What's so great about e Cigs?

Let's start with the smell, or the complete lack thereof. The vapor produced by e Cigs is odorless and evaporates instantly. Smoke them anywhere you like, you'll never have to deal with another nasty glance or cold shoulder from a non-smoker.

e Cigs are completely customizable, the flavor cartridge lets the smoker select the flavor and nicotine strength of their choice. They're also portable and discreet. Sounds like a smoker's dream so far.

Will an e Cig help me quit smoking?

The smoker has complete control over their nicotine consumption with an e Cig. You'll notice the absence of smell immediately, and if quitting is in your long-term plan, you can taper your nicotine usage down from a standard or high concentration to a low and then even a zero nicotine experience.

Start by switching from traditional cigarettes to an e Cig. Your friends will notice right away, because your days of smelling like smoke will be over. You can experiment with nicotine levels as you get the hang of e Cigs, taking control of your experience and even potentially ending that nicotine addiction once and for all. It's completely within your grasp.

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