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The Facts About Digital Vapor Cigarettes

Within the past several years, digital cigarettes have become more and more popular but many consumers are still confused about the terminology, as well as the products themselves. Are digital cigarettes (also known as vapor cigarettes) the same as electronic cigarettes? Most importantly, do they provide a satisfying smoking experience?

Digital vapor cigarettes are the same as electronic or e-cigarettes; it’s simply a matter of interchangeable terminology.
Here’s an overview of how they work, and how you can use them as a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Digital Vapor Cigarettes: How Do They Work?

As the name implies, digital vapor cigarettes use vapor, not smoke. You can think of them as a mechanical version of a traditional cigarette but without the smoke or tobacco. They rely upon a battery-powered heating element that distributes heat, through digital technology, to vaporize a liquid solution. This solution is typically a mixture of nicotine and a variety of flavor Since digital vapor cigarettes don’t produce smoke, they’re now being accepted in many places (not all) where traditional cigarettes are banned. This is a huge advantage for smokers who crave a puff at work, or in restaurants and other public places. In addition, many people feel that their average nicotine intake will be significantly lower if they smoke vapor cigarettes instead of tobacco ones. Likewise, many users prefer them because they don’t want to subject others to secondhand tobacco smoke.

Are Digital Cigarettes Satisfying?

Digital cigarettes can provide a richly satisfying experience, which is one reason why their popularity has skyrocketed. In fact, they’re so popular that some users have coined the term “vaping,” which they use in preference to “smoking.” These amazing devices provide the same look and feel as tobacco cigarettes. The act of puffing and inhaling is also the same and the rich, flavorful vapor gives the same sensations, in terms of taste and aroma, as tobacco smoke. If you’ve decided that you’d rather vape than smoke, make sure that you choose the right brand. Not all vapor cigarettes are equal; some brands use only the more sophisticated technology to produce an improved cigarette that’s significantly more satisfying.

VUSE digital vapor cigarettes, for example, use algorithms (much like a computer), as well as a SmartMemory™ cartridge microchip
that adjusts the heat level up to 2,000 times every second, so that each puff is smooth and consistent. Whatever terminology you use, vapor cigarettes are definitely here to stay. According to a recent story in Forbes, digital cigarette revenues reached a staggering $1 billion in 2013. With this kind of reception, it’s a sure bet that, as more consumers discover the benefits of digital vapor cigarettes, their popularity will continue to rise.

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