Electronic Cigarette Liquid and E-Juice

Electronic cigarettes and Vaporizers are being used by thousands of individuals and smokers who used to be addicted to the habit due to various reasons. Using these devices instead will take away the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on traditional cigarettes.

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Are you using e-cigs for vaporizers for the first time or need to know the right way of refilling the liquid?

The Two Methods
Depending on the type of cartridge or electronic cigarette you have, refilling can be done in two ways. These two methods aim to keep the device clean, as well as increase the life span of the e-cigarette so you can enjoy it for several more months.

The dropper or drip method is done by opening the cartridge and taking out the polyester fillings found inside. Get a bottle of liquid flavor then place 2 to 4 drops into the cartridge. Put the filling back and allow the liquid to be absorbed properly by the filling for a few seconds.

Some people like to place 2 drops into the cartridge, return the filling, then add another 2 drops to the filling itself. This saturates the liquid flavor but also prevents accumulation of the liquid at the top of the filling. The filling might have to be pressed into the cartridge. Add more drops as necessary to keep everything saturated. Some fillings may take 1 to 3 minutes to fully saturate.

The Injection Approach

The injection method will require a needle and syringe. You first open the cartridge and use the needle and syringe to inject the liquid flavor straight into the cartridge, beginning at the bottom. You do not have to take out the filling. This approach is preferred by some because it takes out the mess and keeps the liquid from running and spilling. However, it will also take longer than usual, around 5 to 8 minutes. Make sure that you have a sharp needle so that injecting into the bottom of the cartridge becomes much easier.

Through the Mouthpiece

Although stock mouthpieces are usually shaped into a narrow oval for lips to easily inhale the vapor, you can get rid of these and get an open-tipped design for only $5 to $15. The open-tipped design is rounded with a hole about 3 to 5 mm wide where you can easily place the drops into. You don't have to remove the mouthpiece whenever you need to refill the liquid flavor. Add 2 to 4 drops once you start losing the flavor when you puff. Keep the mouthpiece end up to prevent the liquid from going back up into the mouthpiece.