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What they are, how they work, and why they smoke so well

Electronic cigarettes are showing up everywhere; smokers all over the world are discovering they can enjoy a smoke as easily as anyone else chews a piece of gum. An electronic cigarette is completely portable, totally affordable, and eminently enjoyable. If you've ever wanted to understand electronic cigarette structure, you're in the right place.

What's so great about electronic cigarettes?

In a word, flexibility. A single electronic cigarette can provide an seemingly never-ending variety of flavors, multiple levels of nicotine, or even let a smoker enjoy the smoking experience without any nicotine at all. To understand how this flexibility is possible, you should understand how the device is assembled and how the entire gadget works. The basic structure is simple, but by reviewing some of the parts and pieces that make the magic happen, we can better highlight the advantages of an e-cigarette.

What's it made of?

Before we review components and pieces, let's talk materials. Electronic cigarettes are made from a variety of materials, stainless steel being the industry norm. That said, you can also find electronic cigarettes fashioned from steel, aluminum, titanium and even silver or gold. Because everyone wants something different, electronic cigarette manufacturers use a variety of metals.

How many parts are in an electronic cigarette?

There are three parts that screw together, the battery, the flavor cartridge and the atomizer. Each has a unique function, but most electronic cigarettes assemble the same way. That assembly is quite easy, in fact. The atomizer screws into the battery, which is then attached to the flavor cartridge.

  1. Battery - The battery stores and provides the energy necessary to make the vapor. Our V2 Automatic Batteries are rechargeable and will last from a day up to a week, depending on the frequency of use. Batteries can be recharged via wall or USB charger. This is the longest section of the electronic cigarette, generally ending in an LED light that illuminates to signal the e-cig is working, or to let you know if the batteries are low. It is the two-thirds of the electronic cigarette furthest from the smoker's mouth.
  2. Atomizer - The atomizer heats and vaporizes the liquid from the flavor cartridge. It rests between the battery and the flavor cartridge, which is the section the smoker holds in his or her mouth. The atomizer creates an electrical connection with the battery and heats a metal mesh dome. This dome in turn vaporizes the liquid inside the flavor cartridge, producing the odorless vapor that simulates smoke.
  3. Flavor Cartridge - The cartridge is one-third of the length of the electronic cigarette, closest to the mouthpiece. It looks like the filter on a traditional filtered cigarette, but contains only the flavored liquid the smoker adds to the cartridge. This liquid gives the odorless vapor the flavor of the smoker's choice, ranging from traditional tobacco flavors to more exotic options. The smoker places liquid drops directly into the flavor cartridge where it is then vaporized to create flavor and add nicotine, if desired, to the vapor.