Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, has a few different names. You might have it heard it referred to as an e-cigarette, personal vaporizer or e-cig.This amazing device mimics the deed of tobacco smoking by vaporizing a flavored solution into an aerosol mist. The similarities are visually evident between traditional cigs and some e-cigs but make no mistake they are completely different. In an effort to help smokers make the transition e-cigs were designed to give users a similar experience. While electronic cigarettes simulate the smoking experience they contain 4000 less chemicals than traditional cigarettes. Users can choose their nicotine level and can even opt to purchase e-cigs with no nicotine. There are certain e-cigs, otherwise known as vaporizers, that look nothing like traditional cigarettes.

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Electronic Cigarettes and Related Statistics

It’s estimated that 2.5 million people in the U.S. smoke electronic cigarettes and another 3% have tried e-cigarettes. The health advantages of e-cigs over traditional

cigarettes are astonishing and the general population is slowly becoming aware of these benefits, specifically the benefits over a long period of use. What’s more amazing is that this year (2013) the projected sales of e-cigarettes is expected to hit $1 billion dollars without much national awareness.

When a smoker switches to e-cigs they significantly reduce the amount of chemicals they put into their body. While making the transition to e-cigs can be an adjustment, the long term benefits can be rewarding.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Function?

  • Also known as an e-cigarette or digital vapor cigarettes, these electronic devices imitate tobacco smoking.
  • Smoking is replicated through the production of inhaled mist.
  • Has the same physical feeling, look and oftentimes the taste and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke but without its smell and health risks
  • With the use of heat, or sometimes ultrasonics, the device vaporizes a glycerin-based liquid or propylene glycol solution to an aerosol mist.
  • The procedure is almost the same as a nebulizer or humidifier, when it vaporizes solutions for breathing.

What are the Electronic Cigarette Components?

Though e-cigarettes come in different sizes, mostly because of its different battery capacities and many other factors, they all share three key components.
  1. Cartridges which are used to store the flavored liquid.
  2. Atomizers which vaporize the liquid.
  3. Battery which powers the entire unit.

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

The part that functions as a mouthpiece is the cartridge. It also acts as the small tank, containing the liquid that is to be vaporized. This small, plastic container, has holes on each end. One end is for the user’s mouth, and the other end is attached to the heating component or atomizer. The primary function of this component is to allow the passage of liquid to the atomizer and permits the vapor from the atomizer to the user’s mouth, with no liquid into the mouth. This is made possible with the use of an absorbent sponge-looking material which keeps the liquid in place. This material is usually located on a plastic barrier, separated from the mouth-end opening. In addition, the casing of the mouthpiece is built with side channels which lets the vapor get through from the atomizer close to the liquid chamber to the mouth-end opening. Refilling the cartridge or replacing with a different pre-filled cartridge can be done once the liquid in a cartridge is used up. However, there is another way of filling the cartridge. A method called “dripping” is gaining popularity among users who choose to use liquid reservoirs altogether by “dripping” the liquid directly into the atomizer. There are special mouthpieces primarily used for this method.

E-Cig Atomizers

The atomizer is solely responsible for vaporizing the liquid since it acts as the heating element of the electronic cigarette. In general, an atomizer is made up of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh which pulls the liquid in. As the cartridge connects to one end and the power unit on the other, the atomizer is situated in the center of the three major elements composing the electronic cigarette cylinder. The filament of this component is inclined to burn out completely, making it inefficient over time because of increasing sediment buildup. Once this happens, a replacement is needed.

E-Cig Battery

Just like in portable devices, the power supply is the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, or for wired devices, a USB connection is used. Together with the electronic circuitry, the housing of the power source is generally the largest part of an e-cigarette. A button is usually a way to activate the heating element in manually activated electronic cigarette power units, and the button must be held during the entire time of operation. But in cases of automatic electronic cigarettes, an electronic airflow sensor is used for activation, simply initiated by drawing breath into the device. Another feature that can be included in the power unit casing is a timed cutoff switch for overheating prevention, and a colored LED for signaling activation. For charging the battery of an e-cigarette, chargers in various types such as USB, AC outlet and car adapters are available. A PCC or portable charging case which resembles the traditional cigarette packs is also available. The PCC is a portable case which has a large battery that charges the smaller batteries individually.

E-Cig Cartomizer

To deal with recurring expenses associated in using electronic cigarettes, manufacturers introduced an option which integrates into a single piece the cartridge and atomizer. Cartomizer is disposable and is cheaper, as opposed to separate atomizers which are reusable and expensive.

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