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How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarette smoking has been embraced by millions. Electronic cigarettes have been available for several months and there seems to be no signs of stopping it's growth. Finding out more about the process and how these truly work will help you decide more if it is the best device for you. Here are some guidelines.

Electronic Cigarette Design

Electronic cigarettes are made up of a 2 or 3-piece design comprising of the
  • atomizer
  • cartridge or flavor cartridge
  • battery

The cartridge is found at the initial one-third of the gadget, this includes the disposable mouthpiece as well as the liquid flavor that will later on be burned and converted into gas. Once all the liquid inside the cartridge evaporates, the container can be refilled with more or fully replaced with a new cartridge with the flavor you wish. The atomizer is the second part, which burns the liquid flavor using a heating coil. The liquid is then converted into vapor or mist and is then enjoyed by the smoker. The good thing about the atomizer is that the user has full control when to burn the liquid flavor. You can save more money and fluid by only pressing if you need to inhale, compared to traditional cigarettes that continuously burn. The battery is the third portion which provides power to the atomizer. This is usually lithium-ion can be charged time and again. The life of the battery will last for 2 to 6 hours, depending on the type, brand and use. Charging can be done via USB, a wall socket or car adaptor. Charging can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.

Electronic Cigarette Nicotine

The nicotine content of the liquid flavors is very unique since you get to control how much you can take in at any given time. There are nicotine concentrations that range from 4mg, considered as low or mild, up to 24mg, considered as standard or high. There are also liquid flavors that have zero nicotine content. Some people try to get off the habit by starting with the standard content then gradually tapering off the amount until they reach zero nicotine, thereby no longer needing the traditional cigarette. Each company offers different flavors and nicotine levels.

Electronic Cigarette Process

To smoke an electronic cigarette, you will need a semi or fully-charged device. Make sure that the mouthpiece is clean. Place 2 to 4 drops of the liquid flavor into the mouthpiece or directly to the cartridge. Keep the mouthpiece end of the gadget up to prevent the liquid from spilling. Next, press the button on the outer side of the atomizer to start burning the liquid by activating the heat coil. Press from 2 to 5 seconds and place your lips around the mouthpiece at the same time. Inhale the vapor produced the same way as you would a normal cigarette. Release the button after inhaling and feel the gas move into your mouth, throat and lungs before expelling.

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