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Nicotine Density in Electronic Cigarettes

Nicotine Density In Electronic Cigarettes - Classifications And Its Importance

Despite the many similarities of electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes in looks, functionalities and feel, some soon to be users are still reluctant to use the device as they what to be sure that the e-cig will give them the nicotine cravings they need. The fact is that, electronic cigarettes have nicotine content; however the levels of nicotine vary depending on the preference of the user and according to the brands.

Nicotine density has different classifications. The classifications are:

  • Non-nicotine or with 0 mg nicotine.

  • Low density, an Ultra Light Strength Cigarette counterpart,  with 6 mg nicotine

  • Medium density, a Medium Strength Cigarette counterpart,  with 12 mg nicotine

  • High density, a Regular Strength Cigarette counterpart, with 18 mg nicotine

  • XHigh density, a Strong Cigarette counterpart, with 24 mg nicotine

  • XXHigh density, a Very Strong Cigarette counterpart, with 36 mg nicotine

  • XXXHigh density, a Super Strong Cigarette counterpart, with 48 mg nicotine.

The nicotine amount or levels in real cigarettes is more or less parallel to the classification of nicotine density in electronic cigarettes. An high density to XXXHigh density of e-liquid would be a user’s choice for those regular smokers wanting to shift to electronic cigarettes. Ultra light to medium cigarette smokers can prefer to use low to medium density e-liquid. Non nicotine or nicotine free e-cig can be the best choice for those who want to totally stop in taking nicotine.

Density of nicotine in an e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter in the liquid. For instance, a 20 ml bottle of 18 mg nicotine in e-liquid would have 360 mg of nicotine (30 ml x 18 mg). Another thing is, there are roughly 20 drops of e-liquid per milliliter. Therefore, with 18 mg nicotine in e-liquid, there would be 0.9 mg of nicotine per drop (18mg/20 drops).  That means you will be taking in 4.5 mg of nicotine once you put five drops of e-liquid onto the cartridge or directly into the atomizer for those who use dripping, from the time you begin inhaling until the time you top off again (0.9 mg x 5 drops).

The smoking inhaling respiration, the frequency of smoking along with timing, the vaporing quantity of the electronic cigarette and the nicotine density are some of the many things which the amount and the feeling of nicotine absorption of the body mostly depends. In reality, the nicotine in e-liquid isn’t totally absorbed by the user. Depending on the personal smoking habit of the smoker, you may only get 50-80% of the nicotine. According to a professor in Virginian university, nicotine in e-cigarette has almost zero impact on the smoker. In that study, it showed that e-cig users hardly absorbed nicotine in their blood despite of high density e-liquid, which is a complete opposite of smokers of traditional cigarettes which had high nicotine absorption in their blood.

No studies or research have proven that nicotine is carcinogenic, though the fact that it is highly addictive couldn’t be denied. Pregnant or lactating mothers, have unstable heart conditions and is sensitive to nicotine must see their doctors or physicians first before using e-liquids.