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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Electronic Cigarettes

Tips for Finding the Best Electronic Cigarettes

“What is the best electronic cigarette?” Well, the answer is rather complicated. There are tons of factors, features, and personal preferences that go into picking out a top contender in the rapidly evolving e cigarettes market.

But before delving into the best e-cigarettes around, we’d like to commend you for deciding/showing interest in making the switch from combustible cigarettes to safer e cigs.

Whether you’re a smoker looking to quit traditional cigarettes or you’re a newbie who’s curious to try some cool e cigs, you’ll soon realize that the market is confusing and crowded with an ever-growing list of e cigarette brands.

But as with any industry on the face of the earth, not all e cig brands are created equal. From cheaper products, luxe and high-end designs, to eco-conscious companies, the catalog of options is wide and easily overwhelming—especially without a nudge in the right direction (i.e., in the form of a buying guide).

While plastering the title of ‘Best Electronic Cigarette’ on one specific brand is a complex endeavor, our experienced experts at The eCiggy have a pretty good idea. (Hint: Our pick for the best e cig brand starts with “Green” and ends with “Living”—and we’re sure you’re “Smart” enough to have figured it out already). Read on for more on what characterizes the best electronic cigarettes and where you can find them.


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Why E Cigs?

The more accurate question is, “why not e cigs?” The debate of combustible cigarettes versus electronic cigarettes is rather one-sided. The latter has tons of benefits over traditional cigarettes that have continually attracted stern criticism over the years. E cigs are actually recommended as a solution to helps people quit smoking.

Below are more reasons why making the switch to e cigs is a good idea.

Kick Harmful Smoking to the Curb

Quick question; which is the most effective way to quit smoking? Whereas most people would probably guess methods such as lozenges, pills, patches, or intervention programs, recent figures released by Statista suggest otherwise.

The most common way to quit smoking is going ‘cold turkey’ (4.68 million U.S. consumers)—followed closely by electronic cigarettes (4 million U.S. consumers). This goes to show the noble role played by electronic cigarettes in fighting the good war against toxic-laden tobacco cigarettes—which have plagued the world for centuries.

Countless studies show that some of the best e cigs are significantly safer than traditional combustible cigarettes. In fact, a study by the UK government suggests that “e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking.”

It’s the combustion of tobacco and the inhalation of thousands on chemical when smoking traditional cigarettes that leads to a host of health consequences. Electronic cigarettes contain an e-liquid made from glycerin and glycol (both FDA-approved)—meaning the vapor is far less harmful than smoke.

But while the harmful effects are clear, quitting is a whole ‘nother beast. Statistics show that around 6 in every 10 smokers would like to quit. If you’re among this population of consumers who are struggling with giving up combustible cigarettes, some of the best e cig brands offer a way out.

Cost Saving – Pocket A Few Extra Bucks

Looking to save some extra cash? Who am I kidding; who doesn’t?! Despite what you may have assumed, some of the best electronic cigarettes in the market are actually cheaper than smoking.

Sure, the initial cost of e cigs is higher than a pack of traditional cigarettes—with a starter kit from e cig brands such as Green Smart Living available for around $12—but what matters is the long-term cost. Let’s do the math for a better idea of what we’re talking about (PS: An e-cig cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes):
According to industry estimates, a pack of cigarettes in the US retails at an average cost of $6.28. And keep in mind that prices keep rising as regulators continue to impose heavier taxes to curb smoking.

On the other side of the spectrum, The ECiggy sells 5 refill cartridges of some of the best e cigs at $14.99—meaning you buy each cartridge for roughly $3 (half the price of a packet of smokes). I don’t know about you, but slashing a budget in half while reducing heath repercussions sounds like a pretty straightforward deal.

Social Benefits

A pungent smell, yellowing teeth, cringe-worthy breath, intrusive second-hand smoke – smoking traditional cigarettes is a social ‘menace’ for lack of a better description. It’s often regarded as a gross lack of respect for others, which is why smoking is either banned in social establishments or only allowed in designated spots.

The vapor from some of the best e cigs doesn’t give off that pervasive, irritating smoke odor that clings to nearly every surface it touches. Users also don’t have to be self-conscious about their breath smelling like an old ashtray. All these factors make e cigarettes a better option socially.

Mother Nature Roots for E cigarette Brands

Quick question; What is the #1 man-made contaminant in our oceans and environment—or better yet; the most littered item? And not, it’s neither plastic bags nor drinking bottles. Cigarette butts have held the ill-reputed mantle of the most common piece of rubbish for over 3 decades. Cigarette filters are widely regarded as the single greatest source of trash in the U.S. and around the globe.

E cigarettes offer a green anti-butt alternative that is recycled and a lot better for mother nature than traditional cigarettes. The idea of making the switch from traditional cigarettes is even more alluring when e cigarette brands such as Green Smart Living take proactive measures to combat pollution and support environmental conservation initiatives.

Variety of Options – Functionality at its Best!

Electronic cigarettes are basically high-tech devices that offer significantly better functionality than traditional cigarettes – it’s as simple as that! Think about it; you can tinker with flavors, the design (cig-a-likes, anyone?), accessories, parts, and battery capacities, to name a few.

On the other hand, traditional cigarettes are relatively limited in terms of flexibility – i.e., you only have a few options to choose from flavor-wise. If you’re a consumer who values the freedom of customizability, some of the best e cigarette brands likely have something for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Electronic Cigarettes

Looking for the best e cig? Well, we have the answer…possibly. But first; what makes an e cig earn the title of the “best”—especially amidst an industry that’s evolving at warp speed with tons of promising brands popping up everywhere?

Here’s your guide to what you should look for in an e cig brand:


There’s a reason quality ranks as the first factor to consider in judging e cigarette brands. Nothing is as frustrating, money supping, and risky as a defective product. As a customer, you want the guarantee that the company you’re buying from has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the items they sell meet your requirements/expectations.

The best e cig brands are those that have etched a reputation in the industry among peers and customers. Their products are undeniably authentic, their customer services are unquestionably helpful, the build/material of the products is sturdy enough to last, the lab professionals behind the e-liquid know their stuff, and their brand image is admirable. Ps: Social/environmental activities offer bonus points in term of winning consumer trust.


Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, price is always a key factor in any buying decision—and it should. While we’ve already established that electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes (relatively), e cigs still come in a variety of price points.

When it comes to picking out the best electronic cigarettes in the market, the general rule of thumb is to consider the value for money. How does the advertised price compare to the quality or performance of the e cig? You neither want to milk your bank account dry with your vaping habits nor do you want to spend your hard-earned cash on cheap, sub-standard products.

Expert Tip by The eCiggy: Always look at the long-term cost of an e cig. The initial price (i.e., Starter Kit) is only one facet of the equation. You need to consider the cost of maintaining the electronic cigarette (e.g., cost of battery packs and refills) beforehand.


What is the battery capacity? How thick is the vapor? What about the quality of the e-liquid? How does the e cig hit? How long does a single charge last? These are all questions that you should find answers to before investing in an e cigarette brand.

The best electronic cigarettes boast of top-of-the-line performance, the mouthpiece should be strong, and it should be simple enough for newbies to get the hang of it with little effort. It should also be well-designed for optimal power output and atomizer resistance—making the most of the battery capacity.

Product Design

The product design is an often overlooked, yet seminal part in distinguishing the best e cigs from second-rated devices.

“The aesthetics aren’t merely a side note, they’re as important as anything else.”
― Sylvain Neuvel

An e cig brand may be cheap with next-level performance—but how does it fit into your daily usage schedule? Is it portable enough to fit into your office suit? How cool does it look? And how does the design affect the performance of the e cig? Aim for a device that slots in seamlessly into your day to day activities with minimal disruptions.

Shopping Experience

Take a minute to reflect on the following scenario; You’ve found an e cig brand that ticks all your boxes (quality, performance, design, price, etc.)—but the online store selling the products is painfully unresponsive with an eye-sore of a design. You can barely navigate the website—let alone order your e cigarettes. Such a scenario can turn an otherwise perfect product from a 10 to a 0.

Online users want a smooth and seamless shopping experience—whereby they can log in, track their desired item with minimal hassle, check out, and have the items shipped in a timely manner. (PS: these are all qualities of The eCiggy).

Green Smart Living – One of the Best E Cig Brands in Town

Finding an e cig brand that ticks all the boxes for the ‘best electronic cigarettes’ as discussed above is hard! But one company comes pretty close—earning our pick for the best e cigarette brand amid stiff competition. Case in point…drum roll…Green Smart Living!

Drawing on our rich experience in quality electronic cigarettes and online selling, few e cigs brands offer a better deal than Green Smart Living. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at how they fare in relation to the buying guide highlighted above:

  • Quality: Saying Green Smart Living offer some of the best e cigarettes in terms of quality is not an understatement. In fact, “Quality Is Our Top Priority” is literary one of their brand messages. The products are authentic, customers seem satisfied with their services, and their brand image of ‘mindful eco-warriors’ is inspiring. They go on to claim that “At Green Smart Living we offer a guarantee on all of the products we sell, so you can always feel comfortable buying from us.” And remember the bonus points we mentioned earlier for environmental/charity initiatives? Well, Green Smart Living lives and breathes ‘Green’. It’s the foundation of their brand image and one of their core organizational goals. Oh, and one last thing; the e cigarette brand is FDA compliant—meaning it meets (and continues to meet) all the regulations imposed by the U.S. governing body.
  • Performance: Looking for a high functioning electronic cigarette? The Green Smart Living Starter Kit is arguably the best way to kick start your journey into the fascinating world of e cigs. The first thing you’ll likely notice about the electronic cigarettes is their high-quality mouthpiece that barely leaks and has a premium feeling on your lips. Next thing that’ll charm you is the longevity of the battery unit. While not the most powerful device around, its battery life is decent enough for users who are often on the road to work, hiking, or camping. And did we mention that Green Smart Living e cigs come in a plethora of spot-on flavors that don’t disappoint—including Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Virginia Tobacco, Salt Nicotine, and Regular Tobacco?
  • Cost: You already know that Green Smart Living doesn’t skimp on quality, right? With that in mind, consider the fact that their e cigs are available for $11.99 (Starter Kit), $14.99 (5 Pack Refills), and $15.99 (3 Pack Battery Bundle). We’ll let you do the math…
  • Product Design: Green Smart Living e cigs are exceptionally cool; they’re sleek, compact, and arguably the ultimate vaping statement piece. The look and feel are purposively designed to replicate traditional cigarettes—only much safer and better-looking. But our favorite part has to be the power unit and accessories. Green Smart Living makes use of a USB adaptor that plugs literary anywhere—from your office computer, wall socket, to your vehicle.