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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Green Smart Living E CIGS

Looking to make the switch from combustible cigarettes to a better, smoke-free life? How about contributing to environmental conservation and giving back to the community through charities? If so, Green Smart Living eCigs might be the solution you need.

Over the last decade, the Utah-based company has earned a reputation as a fan-favorite in the electronic cigarette industry and is one of the best electronic cigarette companies on the market —owing to their quality, environmentally-conscious products, and excellent customer services.

Get this; the company’s exact words are, “We stand behind everything we sell and we believe we have the best products on the market…our clients are an essential part of our business dynamic and we work tirelessly to assure your complete satisfaction.”

Here’s what Green Smart Living offers—and why eCig aficionados are head over heels about their products…


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Green Smart Living in a Nutshell – Who Are They?

First things first; Green Smart Living are not part of Big Tobacco. So those of you who are skeptical and wary of corporate deceit can rest easy. GreenSmartLiving is an independent company and one of the pioneering eCig brands in the industry—whose primary focus is improving its client’s quality of life by operating an environmentally-conscious business model.

The e-cigarette company, which was founded in 2010, offers a better alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. They’ve emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of rechargeable e-cigarettes—providing an environmentally responsible and convenient solution to the much-maligned tobacco industry.

Green Smart Living Retailers – Where to Buy

Let’s be honest as eCig enthusiasts; there are tons of products in the market. But just as with any other product, they’re not all created equal. If the notion of allocating a portion of your money to a worthy cause and helping save the planet resonates with you, then few eCig options—if any—offer better value for your money than Green Smart Living.

The eCiggy is your user-friendly, pocket-saving, and reliable source for all Green Smart Living refills. We go out of our way to facilitate a seamless shopping experience—from the site navigation, the checkout process, to worldwide shipping. As the go-to Green Smart Living retailer, expect the best products and services right at your fingertips.

Your purchases with be delivered on time and in the best condition to ensure you have your favorite eCig flavor as soon as possible. PS: We recommend ordering a refill before your current stock is depleted so that you never miss a moment. You can also sign up for our monthly refills program, sit back, and relax as your refills arrive at your doorstep every month like clockwork.

How to Use Green Smart Living eCigs – As Easy as 1, 2, 3

The Green Smart Living eCig boasts of a stylish green-white design and a sleek refillable system. It’s chic, discrete, and the experience is like non-other. In other words, it’s one of those electronic cigarettes that you can pick out from a crowd with little-to-no effort. Holding the eCig in your hand has a certain euphoric and premium feel to it.

The product line comes as a GreenSmartLiving starter kit to gently nudge you towards a life free of smoke, tar, and a host of other harmful compounds found in combustible cigarettes. So, what’s in the starter kit?

  • A white Lithium-ion battery unit with a capacity of 180mAh (PS: It’s fully charged—meaning you can draw a hit right off the bat).
  • Two Green Smart Living refills (1ml each). You get to choose between Menthol and Tobacco nicotine flavor (1.8% nicotine strength).
  • A classy-looking USB charger for quick, convenient charging (even on the go). You can also purchase a Green Smart Living wall charger or a car charger—both with a USB port.

For as little as $11.99, you can get your hands on a Starter Kit that literally contains everything you need to get going. And no; there’s nothing hard about setting up the device. The Green Smart Living eCig is more or less basic and easy to use. It makes use of a two-piece design to imitate the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

All you have to do is unpack the products. Screw the Green Smart Living refill cartridge to the battery unit—forming what looks pretty much like an actual cigarette, just cooler and more practical.

The battery is automatic and it’ll detect when you take a puff, activating the atomizer to start the vaporization process—which is indicated by an LED glow on the Green Smart Living eCig. Aaand…that’s just about it. The vapor is thick and packs a nice punch when it hits your throat with the first puff.

To make the offering even better, the battery will serve you for quite a while before it runs out of juice—and when the time for a recharge comes, the LED light head starts blinking. From there, you can plug the convenient USB charger to your laptop, wall socket, or even your car. PS: It only takes approximately 2hrs to fully charge the battery.

If your battery unit loses its ability to hold a charge—like any other Lithium-ion power storage—you can buy a new and fresh unit as a single product ($7.99) or a pack of 3 ($15.99).

Green Smart Living Refills – Flavor Galore

The cartridges that come with your Starter Kit will eventually run out (*obviously).

Each Green Smart Living refill holds around 300 puffs of vaporized goodness, which is the equivalent of a pack of combustible cigarettes. But in line with their environmentally-friendly analogue, you can purchase 1ml Green Smart Living refills to keep puffing away at the supercilious, thick, and sweetish warmish vapor of your favorite flavor.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what happens to the empty cartridge refills, Green Smart Living ‘aggressively’ advocates for recycling through their impressively successful programs to cut down on waste.

As eCig technology continues to advance, so does the number of options available for you to buy. Case in point; the prefilled Green Smart Living eCig cartridges are available in a range of different luscious flavors to quench your ‘thirst’. They include:

  • Regular Tobacco eCig Vapor Cartridges: This American blend tobacco flavor comes with not one; not two; not three, but four nicotine strengths depending on your needs. This includes 0%, 0.6%, 1.8%, and 2.4% nicotine in each vapor cartridge. It appeals to the consumption needs of a wide variety of smokers—giving them more control over their nicotine consumption. You can reduce your nicotine use gradually without necessarily going cold turkey. The nicotine-free (0%) option is useful for users who are looking to give up their nicotine use for good or those who want to try out cigarettes for the first time.
  • Menthol-Flavored E-cigarette Vapor Cartridges: Feast your eyes/taste buds on nicotine vapor blended with the bracing scent/aroma of mint. Similar to the Regular Tobacco vapor cartridges, this Green Smart Living refill comes in four options in terms of nicotine strength – i.e., 0%, 0.6%, 1.8%, and 2.4% nicotine
  • Tobacco Gold Vapor Cartridges: Spruced up Regular Tobacco to create a smooth Turkish blend. It’s available in only 2 of the higher nicotine strength levels; 1.8% and 2.4%.
  • Virginia Tobacco Vapor Cartridges: As the brand name implies, this Green Smart Living eCig vapor cartridge is endued with the iconic taste of Virginia woodlands. To quote the manufacturers, you get to enjoy “the subtle sweet taste of honeysuckle and moss-covered pines.” You can only purchase the 1.8% nicotine strength option with this flavor.”
  • Salt Nicotine Refills (tobacco and menthol): If you’re on a commendable journey to ditch harmful combustible cigarettes, the Salt Nicotine Refills are a great place to start. They’re touted to rival the ‘throat hit’ that characterizes traditional cigarettes. This flavor only comes in a 5% Nicotine strength, which is designed to gradually help cigarette smokers kick their habit to the curb. The nicotine salt variant does not ammonia additives likes traditional cigarettes—making the nicotine less addictive and gentle to the throat.

Each of the Green Smart Living eCig flavors is sold in a pack of 5 refills to last your for quite a while – i.e., the equivalent of 5 packets of traditional cigarettes. Each pack is sold by Green Smart Living retailers such as for a reasonable price of $14.99. While this price is not the lowest, it offers immense value for money.

Whichever flavor tickles your fancy, Green Smart Living live up to their promise of unquestionable quality. In particular, the mouthpiece is expertly engineered to be solid and smooth—hence minimizing leakage. You’ll also appreciate the middling vapor volume and consistent flavor achieved by the carefully manufactured Green Smart Living refill cartridges.

And although the refills are designed for use with the GreenSmartLiving battery unit, they also compatible with all KR808D1 and V2 threaded electronic cigarettes.

Eco-Friendly Vaping – It’s in the Name (i.e., ‘Green’ Smart Living)

It’s bewildering how humans continue to poison mother nature with all kinds of pollutants—forgetting she is the one who provides for and sustains us. Some of the small and seemingly insignificant things we do like carelessly tossing out plastic wrappings or cigarette butts have a devastating impact on the environment. In fact, statistics show that billions of hazardous cigarette butts are flung into the environment—making them the top plastic polluters.

“The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”
—John Paul II

Until we somehow learn to conquer other planets, the good ol’ earth is all we got—and the least we can do is facilitate a healthier and greener planet for future generations.

Now, you must be wondering; where is this eco-warrior-esque’ talk leading to? Well, Green Smart Living are one of the noteworthy and admirable companies fighting the good fight. The eCig brand is actively and passionately involved in environmental preservation as shown below:

  • The Green Smart Living eCig brand is enthusiastic about recycling as evidenced by its battery and cartridge recycling programs. They even reward you for participating in their Recycling programs. Amazing, right? At the time of writing this post, the number of recycled cartridges stood at 1 million.
  • Think recycling 1 million eCig cartridges is impressive? Now imagine planting over 100,000 trees—each representing a Green Smart Living product purchased.
  • The nicotine used in the Green Smart Living eCigs is sourced from plants that are grown and cultivated sustainably. Think potatoes and tomatoes, rather than tobacco sources.

Long story short, Green Smart Living is all about making a difference in the world and saving the planet. It’s an ideal eCig brand for users who give two cents about mother nature. Everything from their products, packaging, brand name, to the efforts ooze environmental sustainability.

But that’s not all, they also care about local and national charities.

Charitable – Because Giving Back is Cool!

Conscious living – this is the underpinning of Green Smart Living and a noble act on their part. According to their website “At GreenSmartLiving we believe in constantly making small conscious living actions, that when combined, will improve the world for current and future generations”

Some of their charitable initiatives include:

  • A campaign to plant tens of thousands of trees every year (over 102,000 donated so far, and counting).
  • Supporting Wildlife SOS—an organization working to protect animal habitat and educate the public against animal cruelty.
  • Working with 4ocean to help remove trash from our oceans.
  • Green Smart Living is part of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which is a group dedicated to fighting polluters in the water, air, and in our communities.

Green Smart Living Coupons and Rewards Program – Savings, Anyone?

Looking to help save the planet while saving a couple of bucks in the process? Who wouldn’t? As you may have noticed, Green Smart Living refills and eCigs have a premium price. Although this price tag is reasonable—considering the quality of the products—a little extra saving goes a long way.

You can save big at The eCiggy by using a Green Smart Living coupon code to slash your prices. This is in addition to our already low prices—courtesy of our business model of providing the best, unbeatable eCig prices in the market.

To use a Green Smart Living coupon code, all you have to do is copy the figures to your clipboard and paste them in a box titled “COUPON CODE” in checkout page. Then click “apply” and the discount will be applied automatically to your total price. It’s that easy and convenient!

But keep in mind that the Green Smart Living coupon codes are only applicable to specific products. Ensure you apply the right codes – i.e., those that align with the items in your eCiggy shopping cart.

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