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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MIG Vapor

There are now well over 35 million people who vape in the world.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a part of the vaping community, or if you’ve been vaping for quite some time already, we know you’re always curious to learn about the best vaping brands. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the Mig Vapor brand – one of the biggest powerhouses in the vaping world. You’re curious about which of their products might be right for you.

Whether you’re interested in Mig Cig e-cigs, dry herb vape pens, or Mig Vapor mods, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about some of the most popular Mig Vapor products. No matter what kind of vaping experience you’re looking to have, choosing Mig Vapor devices and accessories can take it to the next level.


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The Top Mig Vapor Vaporizers

Are you interested in getting into Mig Vapor vaporizers? If so, then you need to know which products will give you the kind of experience you’re looking for.

When you use a vaporizer, all you’re doing is heating up the e-juice flavor to create a vapor that you breathe in. You can choose the level of nicotine that you’d like in your e-juice, which is part of what makes vaping such a helpful way to taper off of smoking.

Vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes, unlike e-cigs and cigalikes, which are meant to more closely imitate the look of traditional cigarettes. You can always update your vaporizer with mods, tanks, and other accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the top vaporizers from the Mig Vapor brand that will be a great fit no matter where you are on your vaping journey.

Dry Herb Vape Pens

Mig VaporAre you interested in finding ways to vape your favorite recreational dry herbs and marijuana? If so, then Mig Vapor makes some of the top dry herb vape pens on the market today.

In a way that’s somewhat similar to how a standard vape pen works, these devices can warm up your herbs without the risk that they’ll combust. To make it work, place your herb in the chamber, heat up your device, and pull to take as many hits as you’d like. The dry herb pen’s heating chamber is incredibly powerful, and can actually reach temperatures of up to 350 degrees. You can use the adjustable wattage feature to get the perfect temperature for your dry herb, controlling and tweaking the taste.

When you’re shopping for your dry herb vape pens, look for a device that has the chamber size you’d like, the right wattage compatibility for your needs, and a heating chamber that will allow you to control the flavors. Mig Vapor options are so good because they create some of the most user-friendly options on the market. They also create device loaded with extra features, as well as superior hardware.

If you’re looking for a portable option that can reach temperatures of up to 435 degrees, go with the Matrix Dry Herb and Concentrates Vaporizer. This means you’ll get the best of both worlds, and will have over 135 settings to choose from. If you prefer a vaporizer with the latest technology and a big heating chamber (in addition to a sleek look) go for the Torpedo Dry Herb vaporizer. Plus, this one comes with a large 2200 mAh battery, so that your sessions can last as long as you’d like.

Vape Pens From Mig Vapor

Though Mig Vapor is definitely famous for its amazing dry herb vaporizers, they also make incredible vape pens that can help you enjoy both flower herbs and concentrates (AKA e-juice.) Especially if you’re a beginner, we suggest that you go with the Trap 450 Oil Vape Pen. You’ll be able to enjoy three different heat functions on this device, in addition to a pre-heat mode. It’s refillable, affordable, and the comfortable cone-shaped mouthpiece makes it accessible to beginners. You can charge it using a USB, and it has a 1mL tank.

We also love the WASP Wax Air Vape Pen, which is beloved for its awesome carborundum coils and stainless wire. Just press the diamond button and pull when you’re ready to start enjoying. It comes with a full watt output control board, only takes between 1-2 hours to fully charge, and is incredibly compact. The coil helps you to get better acid slag and oxidation resistance. Plus, the pen can heat up in just two to three seconds!

If You Want to Try E-Cigs

Especially if you’re interested in using vaping to help you end your smoking habit, you should give e-cigs a try. For many people, Mig Vapor e-cigs are the easiest way to get into vaping for the first time. E-cigs imitate the look and feel of cigarettes, and can be paired with traditional tobacco e-liquid flavorings like menthol or Virginia tobacco.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best electronic cigarette options from Mig Vapor.

The Mig Cig Starter Kit

Few things make enjoying e-cigs easier than the Mig Cigs Starter Kit. It comes with ten different flavors of cartridges for you to try out, as well as five different levels of nicotine content. You get a battery charger USB, a rechargeable battery for your e-cig, and even a warranty. Plus, you’ll enjoy the high powered 4.2 volt batteries to give you a long-lasting experience. If you’ve never tried vaping before, this is the best kit to get you started.

The Mig Cig Couples Electronic Cigarette Kit

Another one of the most popular Mig Cig Starter Kits is the Couples, which comes packed with everything you need. You can choose from four different batteries – even the famous Mig Vapor Super Power batteries. These are famous throughout the vaping world for their long-lasting abilities and for the consistent taste they help create. The batteries are capable of creating an excellent 4.2 volt output, and you even have a choice when it comes to the color of your battery. Once you pull in, the battery will activate. You’ll enjoy twenty e-cig refills with this kit, meaning you can play around with different levels of nicotine and flavors.

In addition to the standard USB charger, this kit also comes with options that let you charge your e-cig in your car. You’ll get a sleek carrying case that makes transporting all of this easier than ever, too.

Get the Right Vape Mods

Once you’ve mastered the basics of vaping with Mig Vapor products, it’s time to take things to the next level. This is where mods come in. These are larger and more complex vaping devices, that are loaded with tons of different features to help you upgrade your experience. You might enjoy mods with larger tanks, one that has a longer-lasting battery, or even sub-ohm mods that allow you to try something new. There’s no limit to the kinds of things that mods can do, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones from Mig Vapor now.

The Minion Vape Mod Kit

It seems like you can’t read any Mig Vapor reviews without eventually coming across a mention of the Minion Vape Mod Kit. First of all, it’s much more compact in size than many other mods, which makes it easy to carry around with you. It offers a powerful 30-watt battery in addition to a larger 3mL tank. Plus, it’s crafted from stainless steel, which helps you to get more flavor from your e-juice (while looking seriously sleek in the process.)

In spite of these features, it’s still easy to use. You just press one button and pull in to get the hit you want. You’ll also love the Sub Vertical Kanthal Wire Coil, which will help you to draw even more flavor from your e-juice. You can choose from many different colors, from neon green to classic black. Finally, the mod is easy to disassemble as it contains only five parts. This makes cleaning and caring for it simple.

The Neo Sub Ohm Vape Mod Kit

The more time that you spend in the amazing vaping community, the more likely you are to hear a few things about the process of sub ohm vaping. This means that you’ll use a device with a resistance of less than a single ohm. Many people feel that this helps them to get more flavor out of their e-juices, and allows them to get serious clouds, too. So, if you’re a cloud chaser or if you like doing vape tricks, this might be a great choice for you.

First of all, we just love the cool design of this mod. It comes with a large rectangular tank with a honeycomb-like print on it. So, if you care about form an function, this mod is definitely one to reach for. Of course, the technology in this device is also incredible. It comes with dual cell 100-watt power and a 4500 mah battery that will have you breaking personal records when it comes to your session lengths. It also comes with an amazing 4mL tank, which can be filled from either the top or the bottom of the device. Like many other mods by Mig Vapor, you’ll also enjoy the Kanthal wire resistance coils.

E-Liquid From Mig Vapor

Of course, no Mig Vapor reviews can fail to mention the incredible options that the brand offers when it comes to e-liquid. In most cases, you’ll be able to choose from options that contain 0.6% of nicotine all the way up to 2.4% of nicotine. So, no matter where you are on your journey with tobacco usage, you can find an e-juice that works for you.

The Red Zeppelin flavor is definitely one of the most popular options. It’s somewhat similar to that of traditional tobacco, which again, makes it appealing to those ready to transition to vaping from cigarettes. However, it comes with a serious extra kick! You should expect big and bold flavors from this one, and you might be surprised by how closely it matches the taste of traditional tobacco.

You can also try the Sahara flavoring. If you like light and smooth, this is the one to go with. It will also help you to create huge vapor clouds. Be aware that this flavor works only with standard vaping devices, not sub-ohm options.

If you’ve always been drawn to the taste of menthol? Don’t worry – Mig Vapor has you covered, too. You’ll love the seriously cool and refreshing taste of their Menthol Cool Blast flavor. Plus, the secret ingredients help to give you an even chillier exhale.

No matter which vape juice flavor option you choose, expect bold, refreshing, and delicious across the board.

Are You Ready to Give Mig Vapor Products a Try?

We’re sure that this post has you seriously excited to try out as many Mig Vapor products as you can. Not only will you get a high quality and rich experience every time, we know you’ll also love the versatility offered by Mig Vapor products.

Of course, you need to know where to find them online. That’s where we come in. Browse through our amazing inventory of Mig Vapor products, as well as vaping devices from lots of other big brands. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help you find it. We can’t wait to elevate your vaping experience!