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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt Nic Juice

With over 9 million adults in the United States alone classified as “regular vapers”, it’s no wonder that the vaping industry is constantly creating new products to meet the increasing demand.

One of those products is salt nic juice. Salt nic juice, also called nicotine salts and salt vape juice, is a vape juice that gives you more nicotine per rip than classic e-juice.

What’s the real difference between salt nic and “regular” vape juice? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Salt Nic Juice?

Let’s get this out of the way: salt vape juice isn’t simply salty flavored e-juice. In fact, we don’t mean “salt” in the “what you put on your french fries” way.

We mean it in terms of the chemistry definition. And in order to understand what we mean by salt nice juice, we need to look a bit closer about how we get nicotine in the first place.

As you probably know, nicotine is the drug found in the tobacco plant. When you smoke tobacco, the “buzz” you feel is from nicotine.

Vape juice is made by extracting the nicotine from tobacco leaves and concentrating it in a liquid that can then be vaped. The extraction isolates nicotine by itself and is called “freebase nicotine.”

However, natural and unisolated nicotine in tobacco is known as salt. A salt is defined as a chemical that’s created by forming a bond between something with a positive charge and something with a negative charge (opposites attract, remember?).

What manufacturers of salt nic juice are doing is taking that isolated “freebase nicotine” and adding benzoic acid to it, which results in a chemical reaction that turns it back into its salt form.

In short? Salt nic juice is chemically altered nicotine that gives a range of benefits compared to traditional vape juice.

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Differences Between “Regular” Freebase Nicotine and Salt Nic Juice

So, what are those differences, you ask? Let’s look at them in greater detail here.

Nic Salt Juice Has a Higher Absorption Rate

Salt Nic JuiceOne of the top benefits of nic salt juice is that it allows you to absorb the nicotine at a higher amount, and more quickly, compared to freebase nicotine. Because of the added benzoic acid component, a chemical reaction occurs in your blood and cells that makes it easier for your body to absorb and metabolize the nicotine.

Has Less of a “Harsh” Taste

Higher levels of nicotine usually lead to a “harsh” throat burn and taste because of the high alkalinity (high pH) of freebase nicotine. If you wanted stronger hits of nicotine, you’d have to either vape a lot of low concentration juice for smooth hits, or you’d have to endure harsh and unpleasant hits of high concentrated juices.

That’s not the case with salt vape juice. Because of the benzoic acid added to salt vape juice, it’s more acidic. This means that the throat hit/burn isn’t as harsh, even when at high nicotine levels of around 50 mg.

That combined with the higher absorption rate means you need fewer hits of salt nic juice, which also contributes to a smoother taste/rip.

Does Salt Nic Juice Requires Different Vaping Device?

The chemical structure of nic salts because of the addition of benzoic acid means that you don’t need as much wattage or power to vaporize the liquid. In fact, using high wattage/powered vapes will result in too much nicotine per hit when using nic salts, which can lead to some unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects.

We recommend simple, easy-to-use, and low powered vapes to use salt vape juice.

You’ll Use Less

Because salt nic juice allows you to get more nicotine per hit, you won’t need to vape as much to get your fix. That means less overall vaping, fewer hits, and you’ll use less juice over time.

Another bonus? Nic salt juice has a longer shelf life compared to “regular” e-juice. It won’t go bad as quickly as other types of vape liquid even though you’ll be using less and keep the same bottle for weeks to months!

Nic Salt Juice is Cheaper

Using less vape juice combined with simple and low powered vapes equates to spending less money. In short: salt nic juice is more efficient at delivering high amounts of nicotine in fewer hits, which translates to less juice and less money spent on juice.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Salt Nic Juice

You might be wondering why anyone vapes regular vape juice when a stronger, more efficient, and slightly cheaper option exists.

While the benefits of salt vape juice are great, not everyone needs those high doses of nicotine. Mostly former smokers or experienced vapers use salt nicotine juices in order to stop cravings, quit smoking, and get the stronger hits.

Novice or casual vapers would likely get too much nicotine and feel unpleasant with each hit.

Also, the “cheaper” benefit only truly benefits very regular vapers and smokers who would otherwise be purchasing vape juice regularly to keep up with their habit. Salt nic juice itself is more expensive, especially if you need to purchase a new device just to use it.

Salt nicotine also tends to not have the same “fun” flavors that normal e-juice has. So if you’re looking for fun tastes and subtle nicotine hits, salt nic isn’t for you.

Final Thoughts

Salt nic juice is an awesome new innovation that’s perfect for experience/heavy vapers, former smokers, and those looking to get into the latest vape trends.

Any other questions? Need advice on which juice or vape is perfect for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us!