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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Solace Vape Juice

Solace Vape JuiceTry Out the Solace Vape Juice line.

People often turn to vapes as an escape from combustible cigarettes. The problem with this is that e-juice often doesn’t pack the same punch as a cigarette.

Solace Vape Juice is different from typical e-juices. The company uses nicotine salt instead of freebase. Using salt makes it less harsh, more potent, and keeps cravings at bay longer.

Solace Vapor isn’t just about the amount of nicotine in their e-juice. The company also cares about educating their consumers and offering a variety of fun flavors.

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About Solace Vapor

Solace was created in 2015 by four entrepreneurs who wanted to change how nicotine was delivered to consumers. They experimented for a while until they invented the first-ever nicotine salts for open pod-based vaporizer devices.

Solace co-founders Lorenzo De Plano and Eric Anwar met while attending college together. Brendan McDermott and Jomie Raymond, the other two co-founders, were co-workers at a different L.A. vape company.

What makes Solace different from other vape companies? Well, Solace focuses on education. They particularly focus on educating former smokers who don’t believe vape juice holds enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings. They show there is a difference between traditional nicotine and nicotine salt.

Because they care for their customers, Solace creates reliable products and strictly follow the FDA’s regulations very closely, always adjusting their practices to create the purest product possible.

Solace recently won the award for best nicotine salt products at the 2018 Vape Expo. Solace also won best product at Mexico’s largest trade show that same year.

Solace Vape Juice

Solace salts are an e-juice that uses nicotine salt and comes in a variety of flavors, strength, and sizes. There’s a juice flavor for everyone. Whether a person prefers a fruity taste or a more robust, tobacco taste, this line has it all. Some people even mix flavors to create entirely different flavor combinations.


Sweet and fresh California strawberries in an e-juice. Formerly known as Strawberry Hard Candy.


Crisp mint with a soothing aftertaste.


Crisp and refreshing lemonade with a hint of strawberry and kiwi.


A sweet and rich mango flavor. Perfect for anyone who loves tropical fruit flavors.

Dragon Fruit Menthol

A minty flavor that will satisfy menthol lovers. Formally known as Dragonthol.


A sweet and refreshing peach flavor formally known as Neked Peach Rings.

Creamy Tobacco

A rich tobacco flavor with a sweet aftertaste.

Vanilla Bean

A classic vanilla flavor with a creamy aftertaste.


Tastes like butterscotch candy.


Tastes just like a freshly brewed latte from a coffee shop.

Bold Tobacco

An authentic tobacco taste that’s very satisfying for former smokers.

Peppermint Patty

A mint fusion with evergreen leaves and light mint chocolate aftertaste.

Nicotine Salt

Whether people are familiar with vaping or not, there is a lot of confusion on what exactly nicotine salt, or nic salt, is and if it’s safe. Some people may think it’s a new fad while others believe it will bring the vaping experience to a whole new level.

The name nicotine salt is a little misleading. It’s not the type of salt a person uses for flavoring. A salt, chemically speaking, is when a compound forms because a base reacts with an acid. Acid is just a type of chemical, there are many forms of it, including harmless ones used with nicotine salt.

No need to worry, nicotine naturally has nicotine salt in it, so if a person has smoked a cigarette before, they’ve been exposed to nicotine salt.

The Difference Between Nicotine and Nicotine Salt

The nicotine most people are familiar with is taken from tobacco plants, and any impurities are taken away, leaving pure nicotine. Pure nicotine is stronger, more potent, and more addictive.

Regular nicotine can also be known as “freebase.” Freebase is a chemistry term that means a chemical has turned from a salt into a base.

Pure nicotine is what is in most e-juices and cigarette quitting tools like patches, gums, and sprays.

Freebase nicotine has a PH level of around seven or eight. It’s important to know this because the PH level is tied to the irritation users feel while using that juice. The higher the level, the more pain one feels. PH is what makes some people cough hard after they have a drag.

Nicotine salts are made of the same kind of nicotine that’s found within a tobacco leaf before it’s processed. Nic salts are usually mixed with benzoic or citric acid, reducing its PH level, meaning less irritation.

It also absorbs into the blood stream faster, mimicking a cigarette and making it easier to move from cigarettes to e-cigs.

Solace Black Vape Juice

Solace Black collection has seven limited-edition flavors. All the flavors are available in 20ML bottles with a choice between nicotine salt strengths of 25 and 45 MG.

  • Purple Frost- Grape, white grape, rainbow, and chilly menthol
  • Sea Salt Blueberry- A mix of saltwater taffy and blueberry
  • Strawberry Blast- A fruity flavor punch loaded with strawberry and watermelon
  • Cool Mango- Fruity mango with menthol flavoring
  • Orange Cream- Succulent tangerine and blood orange mixed with sweet cream
  • Tropical Freeze- A combination of apple and watermelon with a hint of menthol
  • Banana Dragonberry- A tropical twist with banana, dragon fruit, and fresh strawberries

Solace Vape Juice Savings

It’s no secret that smoking is expensive. It’s often one of the first reasons people suggest to get others to quit. Vaping is not only meant to be a healthier alternative to smoking, but a less expensive one too.

Though cigarette prices vary between states, avid smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes. Many people struggle to justify spending that much money for their addiction.

Solace offers savings within their customer’s first purchase. First, nicotine salt contains more nicotine than freebase nicotine. For example, 2 mL of salt nic e-juice has about the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes in puff count. So, a 15 mL bottle of Solace e-juice equals around 7 1/2 packs of cigarettes, in terms of puff count.

Solace vape juice is less than 10 dollars.

Customers who use Solace Vape juice, instead of buying cigarettes can expect to save hundreds of dollars every single year. Imagine what that money can be used for. Even including the occasional device purchase, it’s still cheaper than buying combustible cigarettes.

Also, by using open based pods instead of closed ones, customers can save even more money, because closed pods are more expensive compared to bottles.

Give Solace Vape Juice a Chance

Solace Vape juice is an excellent addition to our product line, offering a variety of flavors and sizes, meaning more options for the consumer. As mentioned before solace juice uses nicotine salts that are different from the conventional nicotine that most people are used to.

It’s stronger, so a lower dose will last a while. It’s not as harsh, leading to fewer coughing fits. It also saves money since it only works in smaller devices with smaller price tags.

Want to know more about Solace Vape Juice? Feel free to visit our Contact Page for more information.