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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes ; A Cure or a Curse?

Time to Quit Smoking

The decision to quit smoking is a big one. The longer you’ve been smoking the more difficult it is to quit. This is not exclusively because of the physical addiction, because addiction to nicotine is addiction to nicotine regardless of how long you have been smoking. It is more directly related to the mental addiction. You have to realize that you have trained yourself to smoke after certain events, during high stress situations and so forth. The mental addiction can be as strong if not stronger than the physical addiction to nicotine. This is where  vapor cigarettes come into play.

Mentally or Physically Addicted

A vapor cigarette can go either way. It is either going to pacify that mental need that is associated with the act of smoking, or it is going to be a trigger that makes you want to smoke. Mind you vapor cigarettes do have nicotine that can be inserted into the devices to control nicotine cravings as well. For some this may be a fantastic find. For others it may lead to imminent failure. It really all depends on the person and their unique battle.

Many have reported that though stopping cold turkey is a very difficult method both mentally and physically, it remains the method with the highest success rate. It is a commonly known fact that the first three days after you cease smoking it will be the actual physical addiction that you are dealing with. Anything after 72 hours falls under mental addiction. In some instances this is the hardest part, and it continues to be very difficult for up to a week, sometimes even two. If you make the two week mark you got it beat unless you pick up a cigarette. This will result in your having to start all over again.

With all things considered vapor cigarettes are fine for those who are more mentally than physically addicted. The success rates have been fantastic. They are odorless and far more socially acceptable than traditional cigarette smoking. Vapor cigarettes can easily be found online, in stores and in many novelty shops. They are definitely worth a try. Some smokers even reported having liked vapor cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. These reports were made by relatively new smokers, who liked the fact that their breath remains fresher longer, and their cloths continue smelling fresh much longer when using vapor cigarettes or  electronic cigarettes.