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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Nicotine Vaporizers: Portable and Handheld

Are you wondering about the difference between ecigs and pocket vaporizers? Just like the electronic cigarette, personal nicotine vaporizers use an atomizer to heat and vaporize liquid held in a refillable tank, providing smokers and former smokers more control over their smoking experience. These handheld vaporizers create more smoke volume and boast a longer battery life than ecigarettes. And while they sound similar, vaping actually preceded the electronic cigarette.

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Nicotine Vaporizers: Ultimate portability

Vaping has come a long way since it was invented, and handheld and portable vaporizers are now affordable and accessible. The word “portable” gets thrown around often, and what one person might consider portable is a burden to another. Rest assured, portable vaporizers are actually that. Portable. Pocket nicotine vaporizers actually fit in your pocket. It may seem obvious to some, but being able to simply drop your vaper in your pocket and go is a nice convenience. For anyone using vaping to stop smoking by vaping e-liquid or essential oils, the ability to take this handy device with you anywhere is a big bonus.

Handheld Nicotine Vaporizers: How they work

As you consider your different options on your way to identifying the best portable vaporizer, you should understand how vaporizers are constructed. Made of three parts, pocket vaporizers have a mouthpiece, a refillable tank, and an atomizer. You can put the E-Liquid or Essential oil of your choice in the tank. These liquids come in a variety of flavors, allowing you to vape an unbelievable variety of tastes and find one that fits your palate. The liquid or oil is heated and vaporized in the atomizer, then inhaled through the mouthpiece. This may all sound complicated, but this entire device fits in the palm of your hand, or as we mentioned above, your pocket.

Pocket Vaporizers: Smoker’s Alternative

Being able to choose your E-Liquid not only lets you choose different flavors and taste experiences, but it also lets you customize and choose the amount of nicotine you vape. For example, a heavy smoker who’s switching to vaping might start out with a medium concentration of nicotine in their E-Liquid, like what they’re used to in an actual cigarette. By gradually using lower and lower concentrations of nicotine, they smoker can wean themselves off the need to smoke. If the smoker doesn’t want to give up the experience, there are even E-Liquids with zero nicotine. Using one of these liquids in the handheld vaporizer lets the former smoker enjoy the taste and the experience without inhaling any nicotine.

Vaporizers offer a World of Flavors

Once you start looking into the world of personal nicotine vaporizers, you’ll be amazed at the variety and breadth of flavors available. These aren’t just varieties of tobacco flavorings either, E-Liquids are available with fruit, dessert, and even spice flavorings. But, don’t think you have to necessarily pick one. While a dessert flavoring might be a nice break, you probably wouldn’t choose to make that your all day vaping choice. That’s the nice part about the refillable tank. You can choose your flavor and mix and match until you find one you love. Make your first and only choice for all your vaping and vaporizer needs. We sell quality electronic cigarettes and accessories online and in store with the best customer service in the industry and nation-wide free shipping.

Can I Use My Nicotine Vaporizer Legally?

If you’re a smoker in today’s world, you’re quickly becoming an endangered species. The laws around smoking have tightened up considerably in the last few years and these laws are only going to become more restrictive.

And as the laws become enhanced regarding smoking, the taxes usually get higher.

Nicotine vaporizers are fast becoming the affordable and socially acceptable alternative.

In 2016 California raised the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 years.

At the same time, they banned the use of nicotine vaporizers in many public places, similar to those with tobacco bans. The belief behind the ban is that although vaping is not as dangerous as smoking, it hasn’t been proven to be 100% safe yet, either.

What Makes Using Nicotine Vaporizers Safer than Cigarette Smoking?

Cigarettes are full of dangerous toxins. There is, in fact, over 600 ingredients in cigarettes but these are some of the most harmful:

  • Acetone
  • Arsenic
  • Benzo[b]fluoranthene
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Chromium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Styrene
  • Nicotine
  • Uranium
  • Vinyl Acetate

If that’s not enough to put you off smoking for good, consider that vinyl acetate, for example, is most commonly used in paints, textiles, and adhesives.

How Many Ingredients Are Used in Nicotine Vaporizers?

Depending on which flavor you’re using, nicotine Vaporizers are only exposing you to around 5 ingredients as opposed to the 600 or so in cigarettes.

It stands to reason that a product with less ingredients is (perhaps) going to be less harmful for you.

But it’s not just what’s in the cigarette that’s dangerous, it’s also how it’s consumed. Using nicotine vaporizers instead of smoking cigarettes will drastically reduce the amount of tar you’re inhaling and we all know what lungs covered in tar look like.

Nicotine Vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes but they all work in the same way. A vaping liquid is heated and then inhaled. However, any smoker will tell you that if you attempt to inhale a nicotine vaporizer in the same manner that you do a cigarette, you’re going to collapse in a nasty coughing fit. This is another reason why nicotine vaporizers are better for you than cigarettes.

Will Using a Nicotine Vaporizer Help Me Give up Smoking?

In a word? Yes.

Let’s take a closer look at how nicotine vaporizers help you give up smoking:

  • You can control the amount of nicotine you are inhaling – We know that nicotine is harmful, and we also know that nicotine is highly addictive. The liquid that’s used in nicotine vaporizers comes in several different nicotine strengths. As with any other drug, weaning yourself off the addictive substance is usually the most effective way to give up any habit. Nicotine Vaporizers make the weaning process easier.
  • It’s a non-prescription substance – Unlike other nicotine replacement therapies, you don’t need a prescription or a visit to your Doctor to purchase nicotine vaporizers. You’re more than likely to have a stockist in your area and if not, you can always purchase the products online.
  • Vaporizers are Inexpensive – Ever been to a hypnotist? Those people are expensive. Nicotine Vaporizers will cost you less money than seeing a hypnotherapist, or any other therapist for that matter. And you probably don’t need to be reminded that the cost of cigarettes keeps rising. Again, nicotine vaporizers are far cheaper.
  • Psychological addiction – Most smokers will tell you that the nicotine addiction isn’t the hardest thing about giving up smoking, the psychological addiction is. How many times a day do you light a cigarette without even noticing you’re doing it? When you sit down with a cup of coffee? When you’ve finished a meal? When your girlfriend lights up? All of these triggers are hard to ignore when you first give up smoking. Using a nicotine vaporizer instead of lighting up is another good strategy to slowly ween yourself off it.
  • Flavor – Although cigarettes do sometimes come in different flavors, they all taste like good old nicotine. Nicotine vaporizers come in a huge variety. Once you’ve kicked the cigarette habit for good, you’ll notice that food tastes a lot more flavorful than it used to. If you’re adventurous with your nicotine vaporizer flavors it will encourage you to smoke cigarettes less, and therefore enjoy those flavors even sooner.

Aren’t Nicotine Vaporizers Just Another Fad?

Fad’s tend to follow a three year cycle. It usually takes one year for the popularity of the trend to grow, one year for it to sit at the height of its popularity and another year for it to decline.

Vaporizers have been around since the 5th Century BC. Obviously, the Egyptians vaporizers don’t look like they do now, but they did use hot stones to inhale a variety of herbs.

The forerunner to the nicotine vaporizers that we use now was an e-cigarette invented by Joseph Robinson in 1927. Robison’s version didn’t really take off though and Herbert A. Gilbert is widely recognized as inventing the modern nicotine vaporizer and he patented his invention in 1965.

Are Nicotine Vaporizers the Same as E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes are slimmer and look more like a traditional cigarette than nicotine vaporizers do – but both are portable. The only other difference is that there are many more options for flavor with a nicotine vaporizer. The vaporizer liquid is made from oils and dried herbs, but the e-cigarette uses liquid nicotine.

In the end, choosing between a nicotine vaporizer and an e-cigarette will boil down to a personal choice. And you do have several choices with both products. Nicotine Vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes bit if you’re a beginner, you’re probably best to start with a vaporizer starter kit.

Always ask if the retailer has sample sizes so that you can try out a variety of flavors before you invest in a bigger size vial.

If you’re ready to make the big switch from cigarettes to nicotine vaporizers, you’re going to very quickly wish you’d made the switch earlier. Vaporizers are cheaper, legal, and more socially acceptable than cigarettes and the wide variety of flavors is going to keep you coming back for more.