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The Martian Bubbler

This piece will transform the way you enjoy hand-rolled joints forever. The Martian Bubbler is a super compact bong for use with joints and blunts; simply fit your joint into it an enjoy smooth, water-cooled hits!
We’ve seen a huge amount of demand for the Martian Bubbler for Blunts, and with good reason. It will change the way you smoke blunts and joints forever. It uses an innovative waterpipe-inspired design to cool your hits and allow you to enjoy your blunts as with the same smooth ease of a bong hit.
Blunts and joints are probably the most popular way to enjoy herb, the majority of smokers have no doubt partaken of a toke or two, and the majority probably experienced their formative smoking experiences. However this is one of the harshest ways to enjoy your herb, and coughing fits are common enough. If only there were someway to cool down these hits.

A Smooth, Cool, and Tasty Hit Every Time

The Martian Bubbler is an innovative product that takes the basic concept of a bong or glass bubbler and applies it to a compact piece of glass meant to work with your blunt. The Martian is only a few cm tall, and features a stable glass base that will keep it from tipping over when not in use. It’s so compact that it actually comes with a pendant loop so you can wear it around your neck as a functional fashion statement (just make sure you keep it clean! You don’t need some nasty glass hanging around your neck!)

Spill Proof And Striking Design

The Martian Bubbler has a spill proof design so you don’t have to worry about getting your blunt wet, and it has all the functionality of a one-hitter style herb pipe that minimizes waste and helps filter out toxins.
The Martian Bubbler is made with high quality glass and is emblazoned with the distinctive Martian design and a custom MJ logo on the base that lets you know that this product is authentic! The ergonomic placement of the carb cap allows you to comfortably and naturally use it. The great aesthetic and intelligent design make The Martian Blunt Bubbler a fantastic piece for anyone looking to augment their blunt smoking experience and enjoy a cooler, smoother hit.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Tech Specs

Brand Inferno
Height 161mm
Material Glass
Mouthpiece Bent