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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MAX Blanks (3-Pack)



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MAX Blanks (3-Pack)


1.8 Ohms = More Vapor / Less Flavor
2.5 Ohms = More Flavor / Less Vapor

These refillable tanks are both cartridges and atomizers, a special blend of technology. Designed for a 808d threaded batter, the MV MAX Blanks come ready to fill with your favorite e-liquid juice.

The three Clear Fusion tanks, which are 808d thread type, have a screw-on tip for no leakage. Overall, the Clear Fusion tanks are a well-rounded, efficient way to keep your vaping experience affordable.

A huge amount of technology is packed into these refillable tanks. Both reusable and disposable, the tanks are compact yet still robust. Inside each of the three tanks is a drip gauge, labeled in milliliters. The drip gauge is easy to see through the clear transparent design of the tank itself.

While the Clear Fusion tanks can hold an astounding 1.3 mL of e-liquid, the designers have made sure that nothing will leak with a special screw-on tip. The 2.5 ohm resistance atomizer nicely rounds out the tanks.

What’s Included In The MAX Blanks (3-Pack)

The Clear Fusion Max Tank-Clearomizer is a cartridge and atomizer all in one with a special non-leakage tip for comfort.

Each Package contains 3 reusable Clear Cartomizer Fusion Tanks

MAX Blanks Specs:

  • Refillable up to 21 times
  • Drip gauge labeled in milliliters
  • Clear design shows you e-liquid levels
  • Screw on tip for zero leaking
  • Holds 1.3 ML
  • 1.8 ohm or 2.5 ohm resistance atomizers available

MAX Blanks Maintenance

  1. Unscrew black mouthpiece
  2. Fill liquid on the side of the middle post (DO NOT get liquid in the center hole of the middle post)
  3. Screw mouthpiece on tight and screw unit to the battery
  4. Roll the unit around for 1 minute, allowing the liquid to absorb into the wicks
  5. Hit it and enjoy

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