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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Premium E-Cigarettes Classic Tip Battery


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Premium E-Cigarettes Classic Tip Battery

Battery is Automatic

You Must Use a Premium USB Charger To Charge

King Tip Battery

  • Charge Time – 1-2 hours
  • Charge Life – 1/2 cartridge life
  • Length – 3.9 inches with cartridge attached
  • Flat Tip – Glows green when in use
  • mAh – 180

Premium Classic Tip Battery Instructions

To Use – Simply screw on a Cartridge/Vapor Pod and enjoy!

To Charge – Your battery will blink rapidly when it’s dead. Simply screw your battery on to a USB charger. Insert the USB charger into an AC adapter or car adapter or charge directly from your computer.

To Clean – You’ll need a T-pin and rubbing alcohol or Premium’s cleaning kit. Remove the cartridge from your battery. Take the T-pin and scrape away any build up and/or residue within the threading of the battery. Use the alcohol pad to help loosen the dirt and debris. You want to make sure that you clean the air flow holes on the side of the battery as well. Simply stick the T-pin in the hole to unclog. This will help the air flow more evenly.


Premium E-cig components are identical to V2 products, so you can interchange any of the batteries or cartridges.

Premium e-liquids will also work in the V2 Standard E-Liquid tanks.

Premium batteries are top quality with mAH ranging from: 180 (classic), 280 (queen) and 320 (king) and they are automatic!

10 Day Defective Policy

If for any reason your battery is defective or becomes defective within 10 days of receipt, we will gladly provide a replacement.
If the battery is more than 10 days old you will need to purchase another.

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