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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-cigarettes, eliminate the need for lighters or any source of flame for the reason that unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes works with batteries as the source of their functionality. But, aside from that, how e-cigs look and the taste are very similar to real cigarettes, not to forget the same emotional feeling you get from using it.   Manufacturers also claim the safety of using electronic cigarettes because the useful mechinism does not contain tar or tobacco, a reason why production of carbon monoxide and other dangerous carcinogenic chemicals is impossible. The “smoke” from e-cigarettes is a result of the vaporization of the diluted substance in the cartridge because of heating. It is actually a water vapor that is said to be totally harmless, leaving no bad odor and disappears in seconds.

E-cig has a liquid base in its cartridge and is composed mainly of water, nicotine, propylene glycol and some flavors that mimic tobacco. Manufacturers claim that such products have been tested and are proven safe and free from hazardous toxic substances. One cartridge, which is the mouthpiece of an e-cig, is equvilant to 15 real cigarettes, but that still depends on the usage and the intensity of inhalation. Once the vapor, which comes in smoke form, produced from the electronic cigarette is evidently reduced, it is time to replace the cartridge. There are some cartridges, however, that are reusable and can be dripped with a solution directly into the cartridge. Another wonderful feature of this device is that the user doesn’t have to turn it on and off. Though the first “version” has an on and off switch button, modern models have sensors that automatically turn on the device the moment you begin inhaling.  When done, the electronic cigarette automatically switches off when placed in its holder or a pocket. Amazing, isn’t it?

The power source of the electic cigarette is a rechargeable lithium battery. Once the battery’s power is running low, the user can charge it with the included charger or through a USB connection. Batteries are estimated to last for a day. It is highly recommended that for a battery to last longer, it must be charge with at least 5 hours upon purchase of the electronic cigarettes and 2-4 hours thereafter. In addition to that, manufacturers and companies selling the product usually offer a limited warranty. The warranty normally covers malfunction or defects upon manufacturing and does not cover physical damage, misuse and the normal depreciation of the product.

Despite the safety claims of the manufacturers on electronic cigarettes, there are still some users and organizations who are apprehensive. One doubt is whether the user could possibly get nicotine-poisoning in using the e-cig. Most manufacturers claim that this is impossible because of the built in auto shutdown feature of the e-cig. The said feature is activated when it detects that there is constant puffing with short periods of interval or once the user inhales too long.