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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Stop Smoking

Electronic Cigarette: A Stop Smoking Aid?

Based on research, smoking and tobacco use is accountable for over 5 million deaths per year worldwide. But on the other hand, the number of deaths can be reduced. That is why when an innovative device which gives possible aid in letting people stop smoking, the market bloomed and the demand suddenly is high. This recent gadget is the handy electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigarette or e-cig.

The tool that is the size of a ballpoint pen was invented by the Ruyan Company in China in 2003. It was introduced in the US for the first time in 2007. Concerns and issues have been raised and debates are rising between the maker and health organizations about the benefits or negative effects of the device. Organizations like the FDA won’t fully recommend the use of the e-cig because of lab test results. There are also other health agencies that wanted to have stricter regulations on selling and using the e-cig, while some want to learn more about its side effects. Since the e-cig doesn’t contain tobacco, it isn’t subjected to US tobacco laws. However, for some who have tried e-cigarettes, they all agreed that the device has benefits and is a better route to quit smoking  than other traditional methods.  It’s also both helpful for their health and their wallets.

Smokers who have used and for those who wanted to try electronic cigarettes, the device is truly a wonderful invention. E-cigarette is one of the many stop smoking aids accessible in the market today. This is because the e-cigarette allows the user to continue enjoying the bliss of smoking minus the negative side effects.

Makers and users both claim that electronic cigarettes are a risk-free way to smoke since they contain lesser or no nicotine at all. The thing is, the smoker can gradually quit his nicotine addiction through the e-cig by reducing the amount of nicotine in its cartridge. Since it has no dangerous chemicals or cancer-causing carcinogens, manufacturers claim that the e-cig is a safer route than smoking.  In addition to that, electronic cigarettes aren’t just safe for the user, but also to the people around it. Why? The product reduces, if not totally eliminates, second-hand smoke. The E-cig doesn’t give off smoke. It only emits odorless vapor that disappears in seconds. It doesn’t contain nasty odor to the surroundings and it causes no foul breath on the user because no tar is included in the e-cig.

Aside from the reported health benefits, the e-cigarette is preferred by some people because of its convenience. Since it doesn’t have smoke, the user can smoke in public places like airports, restaurants and streets. All the user has to do is to explain to the people around. It doesn’t violate any smoking laws or bans since it isn’t a tobacco product.  With no cigarette butts and dirty ashes, the product can also be said to be nature friendly. Along with these advantages, the best part of it is that electronic cigarettes can give you your nicotine need without burning your pockets since it costs much cheaper than buying a  regular cigarette packs.

Although there has been no formalities or official recommendation as the e-cig as an aid to quit smoking help, it could really be a part of anyone’s end-smoking plan. Indeed, the electronic cigarette is a lesser evil and a better method to stop smoking.